Reach Your Bible Reading Goals

We want to help you reach your Bible reading goals!

Paula's Christmas tree.

Last week we wrote about creating a morning routine for you and your family. You can find that post and get your mornings off to a better start here.

This week we’re talking about meeting your Bible reading goals. Both Paula and Fiona had specific goals for reading the Bible this year. Fiona has managed to keep up fairly well. Paula made it through the first half of her goal but lost momentum after hitting the major milestone of having read the entire New Testament.

So here’s a few things you can do to jumpstart your Bible reading.

Know what’s manageable and challenging (but not impossible). What can you ask of yourself each day? Can you sit down and read quietly for 20 minutes? Can you listen to a few chapters of a spoken version every weekday, or for an hour on the weekend? 

Make it easier on yourself. Want to read the whole Bible in a year? Find a reading plan so you have a guide and something physical to keep you on track. Keep a Bible at hand, whether that’s an app on your phone (we like YouVersion) or a physical book in the living room, the bedroom, the office… wherever you need it.

Keep track of your progress. Seeing how much progress you’re making can help you stay motivated and stick to it. For example, Paula drew up a bookshelf of the books of the Bible in her bullet journal and coloured in each book she read. See it for yourself in her blog post here.

Reward yourself. Fiona’s been known to buy candy in bulk and treat herself when she sits down to really study the Bible or hits a milestone.

Don’t do it alone. Find a friend who wants to start reading more, too, or ask one to be an accountability buddy to keep you on track. Join a Bible study group with goals that align with yours or that gives you greater insight into an area you wanted to learn more about. Share your goals with the members of our Discord and we’ll be with you every step of the way!

And remember the goal. Drawing closer to God through reading His word. We wish you all the best with such an important goal. Keep in touch and let us know how your Bible reading is going!