Pray for your Marriage

What a great day to pray for your marriage!

Paula's Christmas tree.

Last week Fiona took us through a quick look at some of the most popular blog posts of our first year of blogging. You can find that post here.

This time of year is so special. I love watching the leaves on the tree change, the beautiful blue skies, and feeling the chill in the air. I crocheted myself a new hat a few weeks ago and I finally get to wear it!

It’s also special because both Fiona and I have anniversaries with our husbands coming up in the next few weeks. We both married young, have had three amazing kids, made some big moves, faced some losses and health challenges, and have grown a lot along the way.

For example, I’m thankful that I’m getting to watch my husband age. I feel so lucky that I get to see some grey in his beard, to watch him start a new, more permanent career path, and to be ‘Daddy’ to our growing kids. He’s more and more handsome to me everyday. We became a couple so early in our adult lives and everybody changes so much in their 20s. I’m thankful that we worked hard to learn and grow together, heading in the same direction for our family.

Let’s take a moment today (and every day) to pray for your marriage and thank God for our partners and our relationships. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for bringing my partner into my life. Help us to find joy in each other’s company today and every day. Guide us along the path that brings stability to our family. Help us to grow and to learn with each day and each step we take, arm in arm. May you be a large, permanent presence in our relationship. Let us praise you through our love, our family, and our actions. 

In your name I/we pray.


How often do you specifically pray for your marriage? Do you and your partner pray together over your relationship? Let us know!