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Have you started hanging out with us on Twitch yet?

Paula's Christmas tree.

Last week, Cookies & Psalms became Twitch affiliates! It’s a big milestone and very exciting. But let me go back a little and get you caught up.

What is Twitch? is a free website where anyone anywhere in the world can use a webcam or phone camera to stream (broadcast) what they’re doing, live. And it could be anything. I’ve seen people making stuffed animals, filming podcasts, singing, teaching science classes, leading worship, playing video games, heading home from work, even biking across Canada!

During the stream, viewers can choose to just watch, or they can chat with the streamer by writing comments in the chat section. Streamers, especially smaller streamers, typically respond quickly to the comments as they chat. It’s the interactive element that really makes it engaging.

In June 2021 Fiona and I started live streaming on Twitch.  We decided on two streams a week, Tuesday nights and Friday afternoons our time, with one being a chat and the other doing some sort of activity.

Now, I had never streamed before. Fiona, on the other hand, had done some crafting streaming and had a laptop that could meet Twitch’s tech requirements. I liked the cute overlays streamers sometimes used, so I looked into the tech stuff and designed our own Cookies & Psalms overlays and panel titles. You can check them out on our Twitch page here.

What do we do on Twitch?

On Fridays, we like to have coffee (or more likely tea) and chat. We talk about our weeks, what we’ve been up to, how our kids are doing, and get caught up. Family and faith are common topics, but you never know what’s going to come up! Plus we find out about how our viewers’ weeks are going, too. Sometimes the puppets show up, too, while we talk about what we’re up to with Why Disciples and our children’s ministry.

On Tuesday nights, we have fun! Most Tuesdays we play a computer game. It used to be Sims 4, but Fiona’s laptop couldn’t handle it anymore, so now it’s GeoGuessr. Basically, we get dropped somewhere in the world on Google Maps and then have to figure out where we are! It’s a lot of fun.

Then on the last Tuesday of the month, Fiona usually bakes something. She’s made cookies, brownies, and even slime-covered cupcakes (don’t ask — it was as gross as you’re imagining).

How can you take part?

First, if you haven’t already gone on Twitch, go to and then click the button in the top right corner to sign up for a free account. Head over to or search for cookiesandpsalms and click on the little heart below our stream or video to follow us. That way you’ll always know when we’re live so you can join in the fun in the chat while we stream! You can find some highlights from recent streams on there, too.

Note that we always stream with the tags “Christian” and “Family Friendly”. If you’re looking for other streamers to follow and watch, those are useful tags to use, because much of the language and content on Twitch doesn’t fall into those categories.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can help us so much more! Amazon owns Twitch, and to encourage Prime users to use Twitch, you can easily connect your Twitch account to your Prime account and get a free subscription! Plus there’s other bonuses for connecting the two accounts, like gaming rewards.

Subscriptions let viewers support their favourite streamers. It costs about £4.99/month to subscribe, but with Prime, you can subscribe for free to one Twitch account and Amazon pays the streamer, not you! So if you have Prime, we would really appreciate your free subscription. Of course, we’d love it if you subscribed, even if you don’t have Prime. You’ll get ad-free viewing and our special cookie emote (like an emoji) to use in the chat anytime, anywhere.

And that’s one of the reasons why we’re celebrating having done enough streaming and gained enough engaged followers that we reached Affiliate status. It means people can subscribe and we can start earning money through our streaming. This money helps us continue our work here with Why Disciples and Cookies & Psalms. It means a lot.

We can’t wait to see you over on Twitch! And if you’re looking for other ways to support us, you can also sign up to our Patreon for lots more fun (and cookie recipes!). Find all the details here.