Get ready for our blog's greatest hits!

The top 5 blog posts of our last year.

This week we’re looking at our blog’s greatest hits!


Paula's Christmas tree.

Last week Paula blogged about Canadian Thanksgiving and what it’s like celebrating that in Scotland, you can find that post here.

Did you know we started this blog in December last year? Well with the Why Disciples 1st birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving we’ve been feeling pretty grateful for what we’ve achieved in that time. So today I (Fiona) thought we’d do a “Greatest Hits” look back at the top 5 posts that you lovely readers have enjoyed since we started this blog.


Two of our posts with the highest view counts are actually the first posts we made. Back in December 2020 Paula and I introduced ourselves by telling you all about our family Christmas traditions. You can find Paula’s post here and mine here, just in case you’ve missed out.

It’s probably not a surprise to know that another well-read post of ours was posted shortly after this and is Paula’s brilliant Goal Setting for the New Year post. Don’t let the title fool you, this is a great one to pop back to throughout the year, any time you’re making new goals and plans. You can check it out here.

Adding More Christian Music to your Playlist is another January post that seems to have readers returning to it again and again. It’s a brief look at how my family listens to music in our home and what music we listen to. If this is something you’re interested in then check out the post here.

Last but not least in our Top 5 rundown is a post very much at the heart of what we do here at Why Disciples. Paula wrote a brilliant post on How to Lead a Children’s Bible study. This is a great post not just for its content but also for the time capsule effect it has given the time it’s from and what we were doing with Why Disciples at that point, you can check it out here. (FYI the links for the freebie are broken but I still have the pdf so pop us a message if you want it). 


There you go, our top 5 blog posts as per what the analytics tell me have been most read and a nice little trip down memory lane.

What’s your favourite blog post of ours? Have you read all the ones on this list? Let us know in the comments.