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 Hi! We’re Paula and Fiona, aka Cookies and Psalms. We’re BFFs with 6 kids between us, chatting, eating cookies, drinking tea, loving God, and laughing a lot! We also make free, faith-filled puppet videos for kids under the name Why Disciples. We both have a heart for children’s ministry and have studied and worked in the field. We have busy lives, messy homes, very loud children, and big dreams for the future.

Fiona and Paula

 We livestream twice a week over on! Head to the Cookies & Psalms Twitch Channel on Mondays and Fridays and you might catch us having a chat over a cup of tea, getting lost in the Canadian wilderness on Geoguessr, discussing the latest drama behind the scenes of our kids’ favourite preschool shows, and just about everything else you can imagine two Christian mums would get up to live online. Be prepared for tech problems, and get ready to laugh!

Looking for Christian parents and an awesome, faith-centred community that’s right in your hand, wherever you might be? Then join our Discord server! The Cookies & Psalms Discord is a fantastic growing community where you can find support, share stories and photos, and have a good laugh! It’s an online forum, voice and video chat service, online Bible study space, and more. 

You can now help support our work by buying us a cookie! Head over to BuyMeACoffee and buy us a cookie (or 3!). It’s super simple with no long-term commitment or subscriptions to worry about. Every cookie helps us make more videos, keep our website and Discord running, and continue to build a stronger faith-based community online.

We’re Twitch Affiliates, which means that you can now subscribe to our channel. And if you have Amazon Prime, you get one free subscription (or ‘sub’) every month. Sign up to Twitch today if you haven’t already, click on the Follow and Subscribe button below our stream, and choose the Prime Sub option.

And there are lots of other ways you can help us get the word out. Watch our videos with your kids, share a post on social media, follow our Instagram and subscribe to the Why Disciples YouTube channel, tell a parent-friend about the Cookies & Psalms community… Each of these can help us gain visibility and reach more parents and friends online.

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