Celebrating One Year of Why Disciples

If you were on Twitch with us on Friday, you’ll know that we were celebrating one year of Why Disciples!

Paula's Christmas tree.

Last week we wrote all about Twitch: what it is, why we love it, and how you can join in. You can find that blog post here.

Yes, it’s been one year since Fiona and I (Paula) decided that we would try going into children’s ministry together. Our medium was puppets, but we were also going to try to have something to offer parents as well as kids.

Gloria, Felicity, and the whole gang were recruited and were very excited to get involved. They all had great ideas and opinions on Gloria’s questions to share with our viewers.

Have you checked out some of our early videos on YouTube? We have definitely been learning as we go! Over the past year we’ve upgraded our filming hardware and software (thank you awesome YouTube tutorials!). Fiona’s learned a lot about editing audio tracks. To be honest, she kind of had to after realising that her microphone was recording 4 audio tracks at a time! 

I dusted off my script writing hat which had pretty much sat dormant since university, helped very much by our awesome puppets. I’ve blogged just about every week in 2021. It’s been great! And prayer helped us keep going and guided us towards new and different paths as we went (and continues to today!).

Our plan to offer resources for parents turned into Cookies & Psalms, our online community for mums and moms of faith that centres around our Discord server and Twitch channel. You can follow us on Twitch or find out more about the Discord on our Patreon page. And we set up a Patreon to help with our costs of running the business.

Twitch has been such a blessing. We’ve loved the community that’s developing in the chat during our live stream. Right now we Twitch (live stream on video) twice a week and we just recently hit affiliate status! That’s a pretty big deal to us and opens up a lot more opportunities. Plus we really enjoy our time there.

It’s been one year of growth, changes, and a lot of prayer and learning. Here’s to a second year of continuing to grow, learn, and follow where God leads us. There’s excitement ahead!

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